Blood Flows Poem by yabadabadoo

Blood Flows

The blood flows like never before,
But this time its not from my wrists,
Its different blood
Its from the part of me I have dedicated to you.
But you have just ripped it apart unknowingly
Oh how the blood flows.

The tears pour
But my face stays dry and emotionless.
They are dripping on the inside,
Painfully fulling my body with salt water,
With pouring tears.

I cry out in anguish,
But my thought is not raw,
I bang at the walls of my heart
trying to beat them down,
But I accouplish nothing
So I lay
Crying out in anguish.

I shatter into pieces,
Memories of days before I knew you,
Before you broke me.
Fragments of smiles
And lost hope.
Bits of you i swore i'd never loose
But now i have,
I'v shattered into pieces.

My breath tangles,
But this is real.
I am gasping for non-existant air,
Cluching whats left of my heart.
And then it hits me,
I'm finally being released.
I'm finally dieing and i wont be called selfish for doing it to myself.
My dream has come true,
I have waited for this,
I have been wishing for this.
I smile and say
Goodbye to this awful life,
This stupid world,
And the one who caused me this heartache.
I acsept the pain
And cease breathing altogether,
The light in my eyes turns off
And I release the grip on my chest.
My tangled breathing is no more.

Its much better.
Its quiet and dark,
Its safe and painless.
Feelings are forbidden.
There is nothing,
It is my paradise.
Please don't worry
Because now-
Its much better.

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