Blue Monkey Poem by Paul Amrod

Blue Monkey

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Screaming around in his untidy cage
seemingly troubled in a total outrage
is my loyal comrade called Blue Monkey.
He was provoked by absurd shenanigans
from a local band of ruthless hooligans
who angered his peace with a useless junky.
The zookeeper heard the crazy rumble
rose out of bed falling forward to mumble
"I wonder what's the raucous in ol' Kentucky"
He picked up his shotgun, wearing an eye patch
and marched out the door while striking a match
to light his pipe blowing his smoke high and lucky.
"Damn I think I should meander to the sounds I hear"
being curious about the actions before they disappear.
I stepped aside and saw the keeper approaching.
He gave me a wink and asked me to snatch
the awkward ostrich whose eggs were to hatch
I said "This action was dangerous hence I'm reproaching.
Better take care of Blue Monkey who is on the freak
pissed off with the world with his tongue in his cheek"
I ask politely so he felt I wasn't encroaching.
He agreed and wanted my assistance cordially
to calm Blue Monkey with some loving sympathy.
He said his name was Sam, he was earlier a lumberjack.
Nowadays he is better off for therewith he busted his sacroiliac.
Shortly thereafter they rambled through the park to a pathway
leading to the whereabouts of Blue Monkey.
The keeper told me of these hooligans' horseplay
irking his animals with games so weird and funky.
I said "I already saw them screwing with our friend
who's in need of our attention shocked by what he's seen.
I name him sometimes Pepe cause he likes the game of soccer
nevertheless is really sensitive and needs us to defend
his dignity so we will certainly take hold and intervene.
Then Sam put away his shotgun and said "I will call my proctor"
"I'll complain to him about this nasty gang who condescend
beyond all standards and are disgustingly obscene"
I claimed "They may try a trick or fuss around to doctor
up a remedy but to their level we won't descend."
"This gang of thugs has no couth and wants only to demean
our captives in superficial habitat teasing them in their locker."
Sam put through his call and reached his proctor on the channel.
In spite of all he did not want to bother with the hooligan scene.
The proctor said, "They are a part of the attraction for the bourgeoisie
They see them as other monkeys just another sort of mammal
He stated further, "They are the wayward sons of Farmer Green
He sent them off to me to feature as some new breed of animal.
So Sam and I scratched our heads and cried in misery
How could this world be so ludicrous? I think we must reconvene
to discuss Pepe's dilemma in light of this horrific calamity.
Hands off the other monkeys who are not behind some bars
The proctor has forbid us to mess with their amnesty
even though his reasoning is repulsive, repugnant and bizarre.
He says "Do not raise a finger against Green's son's immunity.
Our zoological prowess is at stake for they entice the unforeseen.

Friday, January 19, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: ironic,misbehavior,comedy
Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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