'Booh! ' Poem by Eugene Field

'Booh! '

Rating: 3.1

On afternoons, when baby boy has had a splendid nap,
And sits, like any monarch on his throne, in nurse's lap,
In some such wise my handkerchief I hold before my face,
And cautiously and quietly I move about the place;
Then, with a cry, I suddenly expose my face to view,
And you should hear him laugh and crow when I say 'Booh'!

Sometimes the rascal tries to make believe that he is scared,
And really, when I first began, he stared, and stared, and stared;
And then his under lip came out and farther out it came,
Till mamma and the nurse agreed it was a 'cruel shame' -
But now what does that same wee, toddling, lisping baby do
But laugh and kick his little heels when I say 'Booh! '

He laughs and kicks his little heels in rapturous glee, and then
In shrill, despotic treble bids me 'do it all aden! '
And I - of course I do it; for, as his progenitor,
It is such pretty, pleasant play as this that I am for!
And it is, oh, such fun I and sure that we shall rue
The time when we are both too old to play the game 'Booh! '

'Booh! '
Heather C 21 April 2008

i think that this poem has good visualisation

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 October 2021

An excellent poem about a baby, Eugene Field only wrote poems for kids, true remarkable poet, he died very young at the age of 45. Very sad

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Chinedu Dike 16 October 2021

An insightful piece written with a tinge of humour. A beautiful work of art...

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 16 October 2021

A wonderful and entertaining write. Beautifully crafted.

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Chinedu Dike 16 October 2021

A beautiful piece nicely embellished with poetic rhyme and rhythm. Thanks for sharing.....

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Ruta Mohapatra 16 October 2021

So lovely and endearing!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 October 2021

5 Stars fullest for this worthy poem. He married very young, but coincidentally he died very young too at 45 years Very remarkable poet. Great Classic Poem Of The Day.

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