Borsalino Test - Acid Test Of Life Poem by Ravi Singh

Borsalino Test - Acid Test Of Life

Rating: 4.5

You told me, you are under the weather
And you have some serious tension
Believe me, my dear friend
You are not an exception

Take a look around,
You find faces serene and normal
Things seem to move quite smoothly
And whatsoever no trouble

Scratch the surface just a little
And take a look from near
You will unearth everywhere
Grave insecurities and fear

But what you will also find
Is that there is a faith and a hope
For there is light at the end of tunnel
With divine grace anything we can cope

So my friend, keep intact your faith
Things are surely going to be fine
Clouds of sorrow shall disappear
You shall be flooded with bright sunshine

Howmuch ever we wish to avoid,
Howmuch ever we may detest
It’s our destiny to undergo
Life’s Borsalino Test

Borsalina Test - It is an Italian maxim, indicating the situation where a person is put to extreme mental and physical hardship to see whether the person sustains and bounces back.
Borsalino is an Italian hat made of Rabbit leather, which is passed through a finger ring and there must be no crack in hat.

Rini Shibu 24 May 2017

Superb Ravi...encouraging words

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Preeti Chauhan 02 September 2009

you are very talented...voted 10

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dr veenaa rai 25 July 2009

very unique piece of info, well written.

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