My Kitchen Expedition Poem by Ravi Singh

My Kitchen Expedition

Rating: 5.0

Blissful are the times when you are home alone
For few days in the year when your wife is gone
It was one of such coveted occasion
And time for my kitchen expedition

I noticed a sole packet of stems of lotus
During my morning round to the fridge
I hit by brainwave for a new recipe
Of complexity level of famous Worli sea-link Bridge

While on the way to office
Concept kept evolving in my mind
By the lunch time it reached to crescendo
And I was ready with my culinary design

Now like all good managers
I wanted my blueprints goes through a review
And during one of many coffee sessions
Asked one female colleague for her view

Her views were important
In my experimental kitchen game
What If I spoil the dish
I needed somebody to blame

She asked some sharp question
As it was her domain
What does a review mean?
If it doesn’t find a few stain

With bill of material in my hand
I launched my kitchen mission
And to my utter dismay
Found two vital ingredient missing

All best laid plans
Have habit of falling apart
But I am not to be undone
By this unexpected false start

Archimedes’s and Bernoulli’s laws
Are not just principles of physics
Now I was learning through this experience
Kitchen has its own element of dynamics

I needed apply now the principles of positivity
When faced with adversity, don’t crib and feel tired
Innovation is the need of hour
Mid course correction is what required

I did manage to innovate
Brought a happy end to my kitchen story
Dished out a delicious and appealing masterpiece
And basking in self praise of my culinary glory

there is a poet in me! 03 September 2009

wah... awesome poem... really enjoyed reading it.... thanks...the first 10++++ from me..

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 27 August 2010

Joyous reading …well jockeyed … ‘Kitchen has its own element of dynamics’ ~ Yeah here women are best guide [smile] …thanks for sharing … Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Nalini Hebbar 12 September 2009

that was fun...but give a man full charge of the kitchen and you are asking for trouble...unless of course he is sanjeev

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Maitreyee Joshi 12 September 2009

well, i hope all men get such an insight as yours.thanks

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Preeti Chauhan 05 September 2009

wow...a delightful read...voted 10

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Milica Franchi De Luri 03 September 2009

What a lovely are hopeless when it comes to the kitchen, but you did well...........nice reading. Thanks for shering.

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Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh

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