Never Let The 'Hope' Die...! Poem by Ravi Singh

Never Let The 'Hope' Die...!

Rating: 4.5

Hopes are feathers, a wish is a bird
One may find this simile a little absurd

Hold on, do not lose patience
As I will explain to you the essence

Behind this there is a theory
I shall relate this with a story

Feathers, they keep the bird warm
Likewise hopes keep our wishes strong

Clip the feathers and the bird will not fly
Were it not for hope our wishes would die

My fellow beings, listen to what i have to say
Keep on hoping, what you wish for will come your way

Let your wishes, as birds, freely fly
As long as your hope, you never let die.

Sandra Martyres 15 July 2009

An interesting poem Ravi..thanks for sharing it.

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Shakir Gumnam 16 September 2009

You're right Ravi, hope is very important. I like the rythm, very good!

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there is a poet in me! 22 August 2009

rightly said... very well written.

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dr veenaa rai 23 July 2009

true, hope makes things happen. positive vibes.good write.

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really interesting and very convincing too...very well done..your poems structure makes it even more interesting

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Subroto Chatterjee 15 July 2009

Amen. Cheers. Subroto

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Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh

Gwalior, India
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