Brand Of Slaves Poem by Mahmoud Darwish

Brand Of Slaves

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Rome is skin to us as if imposed fate
Its name is branded on our backs yet
As prisoners' numbers and scourges that's Rome
Rome dismantles our brands under her want
Unarmed slaves smashed the royal court
Babylon is around our neck,
As branded returning captive prisoners
Attires of tyrant were changed entirely
That he was survived after death.
If they still believe on him, he won't die
We died and lived but the way is the same
Africa at our dancing party is as drum and naked fire
It is as songstress desire nearby the smock of her fire
One day I played pipe fluently of fallen trunks.
I let the snake dancing until sleep
And I threw its canine away
Africa and Asia then shall meet at a new dance.

Britte Ninad 19 November 2019

branded slavery needs world hypocrite

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Michael Walker 18 November 2019

It is time for Africa and Asia to unite against the master white nations, as I read your poem. Rome specialized in having slaves once as you say. There is just the right amount of obscurity in your poem. Not too much clarity, I find.

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Mahtab Bangalee 18 November 2019

let the snake come to sing the Hissssssssssssssss song to sing the lullaby till the dead by death matting!

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Edward Kofi Louis 18 November 2018

Under her want! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Mahtab Bangalee 18 November 2018

O' blow the horn, let the snake dance venomous teeth under crazy hood look -Asia and Africa come together in one dish! ! ! ////excellent writing on slavery of third worlds

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