Breeze Of Her Walk

Looking at your measurements and seeing the destruction of your walk his mind is carried to the mountain of her kisses.

He feels for your touch and gets lost in your moistures of love and finds his nature exploding in her movements.

He tried to scream but the ecstasy of her insides captured his body with the thickness of her time.

Calling the breeze of her walk with his eyes he drowns in the thoughts of your curves and her juices are flowing off his tongue.

Meeting her every seductive move, he climbs into her body and the eruption is catalytic.

He finds his emotions on the island of corruption that they sailed on in the hour of succumbing to bedroom eyes.

The fear of temptation escaladed their thoughts and they descended into rivers of unfathomable delicacies.

Holding their bodies together as if the world was ending she endeavored to shift her plantation of hot caresses into swift touches of insatiable kisses.

When the injection of their flows met each other's' climax he ascended the sound of never-ending waters cascading her body.

Touched by the meaning of her flow the breeze of her walk held him for another session of her unwavering dances.

His eyes cultivated her walk of dexterity and his body collapsed into the forest of her depth and they exhumed the night of love.

The showers of her juices entered his format of uncontrollable speeches that have him engulfed for more of her juices.

The breeze of her walk is the showcase of her body entwined in honeysuckles of flowers that his chocolate covered love is calling.

Written by Theodore Mosley
November 18,2016

Dawn Novus 19 September 2017

Caliente and exciting poem..

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