Francis Duggan

Bronwyn - Poem by Francis Duggan

A stern ageing woman is Bronwyn her dyed blond hair caged up in a bun
I can't say that i know her husband but life for him can't be much fun
For she is quite opinionated and she likes to have her own way
And no doubt in affairs of the household that she would have the final say
If her marriage ever does founder she won't find herself in demand
Since to others she is not respectful though respect for herself she command
But her husband is one worth admiring in an unequal partnership he has hung in there
For thirty years he has lived with a dominant woman men like him have always been rare
But then suppose not all males are macho as not all females are gentle and nice
And Bronwyn's husband he must give way to her or leave her is his other choice,
Bronwyn she is one in her mid fifties self confident and rather proud
The President of the ladies golf club she likes to stand out in the crowd
'Tis said she has her husband well trained he does not drink alcohol or tobacco smoke
For thirty years he has been loyal to her he must be a very nice bloke.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, June 6, 2008

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