Eugene Levich

Brooklyn - Poem by Eugene Levich

On the Subway,
The BMT,
Atlantic Avenue Station
A crowd of high school kids
Carrying book bags
And passes

Being loud and pushy—
Being teenagers—
One chick in specs, squints, pimples, black hair:
"You know what your problem is Ant'ny? "
(Ant'ny ignores her)
"Antn'y, your problem is...
You ain't got no class! "

Topic(s) of this poem: kids, new york city

Comments about Brooklyn by Eugene Levich

  • Bri Edwards (8/14/2016 1:52:00 PM)

    i'll send this to Tom Billsborough. he says he isn't familiar with Brooklyn.

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  • Bri Edwards (6/30/2016 9:07:00 PM)

    i like this. but, if Ant'ny is really a school student, he MUST have at least ONE class. right! ? ?

    i was hoping to find a definition for squint as a noun, as it seemed to me a noun belonged where i found squints.

    i DID find some interesting and unknown-to-me slang definitions, but, otherewise, this is what i found: i KNEW you would like to know.

    Merriam-Webster Logo
    SINCE 1828

    An Encyclopædia Britannica Company


    1 squint play
    adjective \ˈskwintPopularity: Bottom 50% of words
    Definition of squint

    of an eye: looking or tending to look obliquely or askance (as with envy or disdain)

    of the eyes: not having the visual axes parallel: crossed

    Examples: squint in a sentence
    Origin and Etymology of squint

    Middle English asquint

    First Known Use: 1579
    2 squint
    Simple Definition of squint

    : to look at something with your eyes partly closed

    : to cause (your eyes) to partly close

    : to have a medical condition that makes your eyes unable to look in the same direction

    Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary
    Full Definition of squint
    intransitive verb

    a: to have an indirect bearing, reference, or aimb: to deviate from a true line

    a: to look in a squint-eyed mannerb: to be cross-eyedc: to look or peer with eyes partly closed
    transitive verb

    : to cause (an eye) to squint

    squinter noun
    squintingly play \ˈskwin-tiŋ-lē\ adverb

    See squint defined for English-language learners

    See squint defined for kids

    Examples of squint in a sentence

    She had to squint to read the small print.

    He squinted through the haze of smoke.

    I had to squint my eyes to focus on the tiny letters.

    I noticed that he squints.

    First Known Use of squint


    bri ;)
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