Bumblebees Can Fly Poem by George Hunter

Bumblebees Can Fly

Engineers once figured it out
And they are seldom wrong, no doubt.
Calculated on the old slide rule
Once a very useful tool.
They said that bumblebees can't fly
Its proportions are all wrong, but I
Saw one soaring in the sky
How in heck did he get that high?
Those guys had an erroneous notion
The bee proved it wrong by flying over the ocean
They said he was obese and that his wings were too small
But that wasn't true at all, at all.
They built an airplane in his proportion
Turned out to be an engineering abortion.
On its very first flight it crashed and burned
You'd think there was a lesson to be learned
But no, they blamed it on the bee
Who was innocent as all could see.
Sometimes scientists just get it wrong
As I have pointed out in this song.
So regardless of what they say, Mr. Bee
You're very aerodynamic as all can see
Flying among the leafy bowers
Sipping nectar from all the flowers.
Zooming upside down at near the speed of sound
Barely inches above the ground
Buzzing loudly for all to hear
Disturbing old men drinking their beer.
Doing a loop, a dive and a barrelroll
Pray tell me what is your ultimate goal?
Well, I'm just enjoying my will to be free
Using the powers God gave to me.

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