Buoyant (With Adoration) Poem by John Weber

Buoyant (With Adoration)

Rating: 5.0

You don't know what you do to me
My world perches on your shoulder
Beams are filtering all I see
Shivers now build to a smolder

I seek to find my harmonic
Our epic quest since time began
Eager to shed the demonic
I wish to be a better man

Even my most jaded viewpoint
Can't deny the light of your eye
Nomadic souls can disappoint
But you are my cherished ally

Gossamer spirits flow through me
Vibrating the surge of my verve
Rousing within such lively glee
For you alone I yearn to serve

Glittering stars guard all romance
Dreadful harm no longer tossing
Side by side we merrily dance
Balance shall guide our bold crossing

I see in you the purest mind
With valor so naturally true
Take all I am if so inclined
I long to be living for you

Sanguine desire shaping my view
I'm grateful to be on your mind
Soreness won't taint my faith in you
If you need to leave me behind

I must admit I am thus blessed
Just knowing you exist awes me
A precious dream I should confess
Your sparkle is setting me free

Vaibhav Pandey 23 February 2009

I truly agree with wollfee sir...a perfect rhyme and rhythm..very expressive.

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Greenwolfe 1962 23 February 2009

This is another fine rhythm and rhyme poem. There are no weaknesses in this poem. It has a wonderful structure and it is presented the way it should be. The reading is easy and the flow of the words is magical in some cases. Another treasure of a poem. GW62

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John Weber

John Weber

Milwaukee, WI
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