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Surya . 14 December 2008

hi Your poems are wonderfull cionsidering your age, . Lot of oppertunity awaits u. By the way please read some of my poems and offer comments, . Love & Refards Ravi

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Mohsine 15 December 2020

I am seeking your permition to use six lines from the poem “ the Glory“

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Dan Desaulniers 14 June 2020

I am seeking permission to use six lines from the poem “The Glory Shall Be Mine.“

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fleur de lys 28 July 2009

You light the way for us plebians.

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Sarvesh Kulkarni 11 April 2009

Its always a pleasure to read you dost........ Your pen flows with art as well as ingenuity... Thank you for sharing your poems. Keep doing so, friend. All the very best.

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He is dangerous with a pen.... I await his aging... and growth of wisdom.. he will blow people away.. Exquisite

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The Best Poem Of Vaibhav Pandey

Don'T Give Up

When nothing is going your way,
and the pessimism holds sway.
Don't Give Up.

When your eyes are filled with tears,
sorrowfullness is all which appears,
Don't Give Up.

When, in chilly winters, you perspire
With resenting thoughts and constant ire
Don't Give Up.

When surrounded by people with a look askance
and nobody is willing to give you a chance
Don't Give Up.

Because amidst the darkness of night
comes a new sun that shines so bright
and embracing you with its blessed light.

So don't,
Don't Give Up

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Vaibhav Pandey Popularity

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