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God, tell me, who am I
Am I your passionate child
or someone who is wicked and wild.
Am I the one with aim and mission

Underneath the infinite sky,
above the ovoid earth,
he began his journey,

I used to stare at strangers
strolling in serenity with
hatred heavy on my heart.
The reasons, repentant,

When nothing is going your way,
and the pessimism holds sway.
Don't Give Up.

Earth evolved, with it the seeds of mankind.
Uncivilised, uncouth yet with fair mind.
Knew they not, the art of differentiation.
A proclivity to progress; their perennial profession.

In the face of infinite space between us,
Our eyes were locked on to each other
through the medium of eternal affinity,
withstanding even the barrier of time.

From roaring to growling,
evanescing existence, fleeting fame.
Teary - eyed Tigers; who’s to blame?
Cracking conscience led us to shame.

I bid adieu
to a long hard night,
at last,
to see a new day.

With just a handful of barren land,
And tottering dreams based on the sand.
Yet the desire continued to bloom,
To produce the green out of the doom.

buried.............I am,
under the grave of expectation.

Hold on to your dreams,
just never let them fade.
When the child inside you screams,
don't let his voice abrade.

When the world was awake
in awe of the dazzling light
showered by your resplendent face,
I was slumbering in a corner

A beautiful child, she was, in her wishful days,
shining like a star despite her impoverished state,
wearing a beautiful expression on her innocent face,
and came towards me with a smile so innate.

Invisible to the eyes
yet shivers up the senses
Every swift turn
Carries pleasing fragrances.

crawling moonlight along the streets '
venturing heart going to appease
guiding the air with its eternal bliss
dampened love refuses to cease.

Have you ever felt incessant pain
As if the blood coming out of slit vein
Refusing to stop untill you faint
Like a never ending river

The Best Poem Of Vaibhav Pandey

Bewildered Soul

God, tell me, who am I
Am I your passionate child
or someone who is wicked and wild.
Am I the one with aim and mission
or someone with distorted vision.
Am I like a child who never cries
or like a man who never tries.
Am I the one with loads of ambition
or someone trapped, full of inhibition.
Am I the one with peaceful mind
or whose soul and peace is hard to find.

In all these years
Full of cheers and tears
A question that always appears
Who am I! Who am I!

Vaibhav Pandey Comments

Surya . 14 December 2008

hi Your poems are wonderfull cionsidering your age, . Lot of oppertunity awaits u. By the way please read some of my poems and offer comments, . Love & Refards Ravi

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Mohsine 15 December 2020

I am seeking your permition to use six lines from the poem “ the Glory“

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Dan Desaulniers 14 June 2020

I am seeking permission to use six lines from the poem “The Glory Shall Be Mine.“

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fleur de lys 28 July 2009

You light the way for us plebians.

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Sarvesh Kulkarni 11 April 2009

Its always a pleasure to read you dost........ Your pen flows with art as well as ingenuity... Thank you for sharing your poems. Keep doing so, friend. All the very best.

6 1 Reply

He is dangerous with a pen.... I await his aging... and growth of wisdom.. he will blow people away.. Exquisite

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