Lora Colon

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But.... - Poem by Lora Colon

It came to me some time last night,
Maybe in a dream, or just a thought,
Our love has been struggling to survive,
But... we both knew it was a long shot

I know you tried, and I tried too,
Sometimes, it's just not in our power,
Love can be nurtured, and it still dies,
But... who was to guess the day or hour?

What a shame our lives were designed
As they were..... you never understood
The pain I felt, nor my loneliness,
But... I guess you did the best you could

And I tried to guess what you felt....
You never did bare your soul to me,
Your words were few, I couldn't be sure,
But... you seemed to live life happily

Looking back, all the signs were there,
Tears and doubt always darkened our door,
Maybe I could have loved you better,
But... maybe you could have loved me more

Yes, what a shame, I really thought
We could save this love, if we just try,
I was the woman who nurtured it,
But... you were the man who let it die

Topic(s) of this poem: love and pain

Comments about But.... by Lora Colon

  • Bri Edwards (4/3/2015 6:27:00 PM)

    and S. zanub's comment. simply because people don't get divorced, does NOT mean they still love one another.

    yes, divorces can be ugly as can be one or both parties to a divorce. but i happen to believe (with 3 divorces under my belt) that not getting divorced can be at least as ugly or at least as stressful to people. tell me i'm wrong! i dare ya! !

    bri :) (hi, Lora)
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    (4/3/2015 11:41:00 PM)

    You are absolutely right, Bri. I see nothing wrong with divorce. Life passes quickly and should be lived in contentment, peace and happiness. Having the right partner is key to this happiness. If two people no longer love one another, fight bitterly, and live with constant stress, why would they stay together? Well, some people do remain in unhappy relationships for different reasons. But it should be of their own choice - it should not be mandatory - not by civil law nor religion. Thanks for your comment.

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  • Bri Edwards (4/3/2015 4:01:00 PM)

    This sissy poem ain’t about ME, is it? ! It better not be.

    Sure, Lora, lay it all on MEN…….again! Why, if we MEN weren’t so busy bustin’ our butts at work all day/night/evening long to earn enough dough to buy YOU enough “bacon”, maybe we would have time to buy you women flowers, give you hugs (I DO hug some of the women at work; does that count?) , and do the dishes (once a week) . AND on weekends (if we have them off) we have to read the metro issue of the New York Times, or People’s Daily, or The Independent, or Pravda ……. to keep ourselves “informed”. After all, MEN are the ones God decided should guide all people on Earth. You DO believe in God, don’t you? AND that’s not all. Who mows the lawn? Who take out the trash …………, when you forget?
    HEY! I just remembered. I DID do the dishes once. Remember? You’d better! It was when you “had the flu” and had “broken your leg” (just one leg, mind you) . AND what was the thanks I got? zilch, nada, zero, none! ! ! So, maybe I did break a few of your mother’s heirloom plates. The rest were dirty and I had to use something! AND you cried too!
    And I’m tired of coming home and finding you watching those soap operas, when all you’ve done all day is mop the floors, iron my shirts and underwear, done the grocery shopping, the dishes, the laundry, the carpooling [YOU were the one who wanted kids! ].
    OH yeah. HOW COULD I FORGET? ? ? You spend time on the computer I BOUGHT for you one X-mas,20 years ago. Remember THAT? And what are you doing online? Just reading some rubbish poems on PoemHunter from your PH “friend” Bri Edwards! ! ! THAT’S a sissy name if I ever heard one! That’s his lousy name, ain’t it? ! Wait till I get my hands on HIM! ! ! He’ll wish he never set his eyes on a keyboard!

    Stephen means well, even if he is 'much younger' than we are, AND he is a foreigner! some nice suggestions, if you need them.
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  • Stephen Katona (3/23/2015 8:31:00 PM)

    If only everyone nurtured their relationships. I think spending time together looking at photographs can help remind a couple of what they mean to one another. It's so important to continue to spend time together, a short walk, watching the same television programme, choosing some food together etc. It is so easy to drift apart, live separate lives and forget the wonderful past. I think being careful what you say when one of you is tired is another useful tip. Is it too late to build bridges? (Report) Reply

  • S.zaynab Kamoonpuri (3/22/2015 2:56:00 PM)

    Soulful but nowadays in many parts of the world the death of love is far too common.
    In our cultures not yet but as they get westernized more divorces are rearing their ugly heads.
    How u wrote it was appealing and the rhyming commendable. Take care.
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