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It would be fantastic,
If we stopped using plastic,
And eased the world's pain,
With a healthy food chain.

From a group of boys,
Came excited jabbering noise.
In the corner of the playground,
There was something they had found.

You thought you'd have an epitaph,
When you came near my calf.
I'm sorry I scared you and your brother,
I was just being a protective mother.

'Please don't eat me, '
Said the Zonkey,
To the Grolar Bear,
'I'm far too rare.

How I wish you'd let me know,
Before you decided to go.
When you came to play,
You seemed to be okay.

Now what would you think,
Of a party all pink,
With pink iguanas,
Dressed in pink pyjamas?

A smile costs nothing,
But is an easy way to show loving,
A beautiful handout,
To take away doubt.

The tortoise watched some field mice play,
One beautiful sunny summer's day,
When who should fix him with a stare,
Than his old race partner, the hare.

You see a wrinkled 102 year old,
Balanced on the edge of a knife,
Waiting for a puff of wind,
To send me crashing from this life.

My dreams although short,
Some, I can report:
Riding on a wave,
Being rather brave,

I know you feel so much pain,
That it feels like there's no more to gain,
By staying in a life,
Surrounded by stress and strife.

Then in a clearing those broken hearted met,
So full they all seemed of regret.
They looked each other in the eye,
Life had made them want to die,

Let's have a little natter,
About why people are getting fatter.
In nature it is rare to find sugar mixed with fat.
So why do most of us love chocolate?

Like the easily startled deer,
A horse is prone to fear.
Millennia of being prey,
Has built an instinct to run away.

Why hello!
I'm a hooded crow.
I live in a park in Tel Aviv,
And I've a skill you'll never believe.

I have to say I'm quite a magpie,
I'm bold, bright and never shy.
Perhaps you know my dearest relation?
Like me he's a friendly Australian.

If life seems BLACK,
Ignore what you lack.
When you want to scream,
Boost your self-esteem.

When a spider decides to roam,
I'm by far the bravest in our home.
It is I who rushes to help,
When my elder sisters all yelp.

A common octopus called Paul,
Became famous in the world of football,
When he managed to guess,
Team Germany's success,

This is the story of Karyn Gitsham,
Who found herself in a jam,
When her spaniel called Ramsey,
Chased seagulls to make him happy,

Stephen Katona Biography

I am a General Practitioner in the UK with an interest in helping people become happier. I started putting old poems into cartoons to help people see life more positively, and ended up writing some of my own.)

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A World Without Plastic

It would be fantastic,
If we stopped using plastic,
And eased the world's pain,
With a healthy food chain.
Turtles would no longer gag,
On a supermarket's bag.
Sea birds could have a meal,
Of food that was real.
Less chemicals in the sea,
Would be healthier for you and me.

If we protest en mass,
Perhaps they'll use more glass,
So the next time you buy squash,
You can take back the bottle to wash.
Cry out again,
And again,
Oh, when,
Shops re-use paper wrapping,
They'll have us all clapping.'

We can choose from today,
Things wrapped the right way.
When we see a container,
Using it again is saner.
Take care what you throw away,
Most will be here to stay.

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Liz Evans 16 March 2019

I am working for the British Council writing a teacher training course on citizenship for sri lankan teachers who will ultmately be teaching Sri Lankan scool childdren.. Would I be able to use your poem A world without plastic in this course?

2 0 Reply 13 January 2019

I loved your poem, the A world without plastic, Can you please grant me permission to use this poem? Thanks

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Valsa George 01 May 2015

Whenever I think of rhyming poetry, I think of Stephen Katona's sweetly rhyming verse. His poems, mostly on animals make me think of the illustrious 'animal poet'... Ted Hughes' poems. Stephen has created a parallel world of animals where they are understanding, clever, compassionate and intelligent as human beings. His poems are simple and sweet, enriched with positivity and edifying thoughts. Besides being a poet, he is a born cartoonist. I wish him greater success in the ensuing years!

2 0 Reply

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Be SEEN to be happy: Sun, easy exercise and nature.

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