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I am a General Practitioner in the UK with an interest in helping people become happier. I started putting old poems into cartoons to help people see life more positively, and ended up writing some of my own.

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Liz Evans 16 March 2019

I am working for the British Council writing a teacher training course on citizenship for sri lankan teachers who will ultmately be teaching Sri Lankan scool childdren.. Would I be able to use your poem A world without plastic in this course?

1 0 Reply 13 January 2019

I loved your poem, the A world without plastic, Can you please grant me permission to use this poem? Thanks

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Valsa George 01 May 2015

Whenever I think of rhyming poetry, I think of Stephen Katona's sweetly rhyming verse. His poems, mostly on animals make me think of the illustrious 'animal poet'... Ted Hughes' poems. Stephen has created a parallel world of animals where they are understanding, clever, compassionate and intelligent as human beings. His poems are simple and sweet, enriched with positivity and edifying thoughts. Besides being a poet, he is a born cartoonist. I wish him greater success in the ensuing years!

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The Best Poem Of Stephen Katona

Crazy Daisy

You thought you'd have an epitaph,
When you came near my calf.
I'm sorry I scared you and your brother,
I was just being a protective mother.
I'm glad you had the good sense,
To leap over that barbed wire fence.
Now that I'm calm,
I wish you no harm.
Perhaps if you knew,
I was scared too.
The thought of your dog's bite,
Gave me such a fright.
Please don't scream,
If you see me in a dream.
Give me a smile as you pass,
I'll be busy chewing grass.
And if our eyes meet,
Just think of something sweet.
Remember I'm a herbivore,
Not a Tyranosaur.

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13 May 2015

Be SEEN to be happy: Sun, easy exercise and nature.

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