! ! C-Day Minus X Poem by Michael Shepherd

! ! C-Day Minus X

Rating: 2.9

In the days (and who
dare count them?) before
The First Day of Creation (Official)

God spent some time (though
of course, to Him, timeless..)
allowing for eventualities:

and devised a plan whereby
the Unbounded should be presented
in Creation as The Absolute Maximum
which He planned to be identical to
The Absolute Minimum…

chuckling to Himself (Who else?) ,
‘That’ll keep those atheist scientists
occupied… though of course
the philosophers and priests may have
their work cut out… but then,
that could be beneficial…’

All that now remained (I’m told)
for God (who's infinitely generous,
yet loves the economical)
to package this in the most practical form…

not – as I’m sure you’ll realise –
an easy task, given His boundless nature…

so – allowing for the inevitable compromise –
stuffed it all into a Revelation suitcase
called the cosmos… sighed; anticipated problems;
but saw that it was – given the circumstances –

waited for His image, Man, to call it
The Cosmos; and watches with benevolent smile
as men explain it all to one another..

[With acknowledgements to Saint Nicholas of Cusa,
who spotted some of this..]

David Taylor 20 February 2008

Yes I was just thinking that too as I ate my fish and chips and watched the news, and I am sure He is smiling since you have explained it so well. Love it Michael!

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