! A Wish Poem by Michael Shepherd

! A Wish

Rating: 2.7

I'd like to write - like grown-up poets do:
with similes that span the universe,
that sparkle, crackle, dazzle, woo the mind;
and touch the heart with tender, swoony verse...

I'd like to write - like grown-up poets do:
in literature that's all the better for
those soaring, parabolic parables
and paradigms, and rhymes, and metaphor...

I'd like to write - like no-one else has done:
forget the rules and precedents; let fly
to heights undreamt of yet, new mindscape won..

And yet, perhaps, the world's served better by

small lamps of words amidst the cold night winds
of chance and change; cupped in a poet's hands.

Charles Flesfader 04 February 2005

ah, Michael how is it you so often seem to read my mail (thoughts) ha ha ha! Loved it, mate. BZ. Charles

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Pia Andersson 03 March 2005

Who wouldnt like to write like you do? Excellent funny and clever at the same time You lite up my day with your clever little wish. Why should you wish for something you have got already? with love Pia

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Richard George 10 June 2005

Your sonnets are wonderful. Of course there are people who will dismiss them as 'not modern poetry', but what do they know? Do you know Peter Russell's sonnets, by the way?

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Max Reif 20 June 2005

First poem of yours I've read. I think of you as a kind of guardian angel for this site...your comments and your poems are so prolific. But I've 'had promises to keep' and haven't oft gotten to these pages to read. I find this poem lovely, the sentiment is fine, and it works well and is quite nicely expressed in the sonnet form you chose.

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Nagamuthu Osho 07 August 2005

Hail! Poet, It is an eternal lilt, Which I felt and melt; O Those sweet words, which provoke, pours love and wisdom. God Bless you. Yours faithfully, N.Karthikeyan Osho

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Ruth Walters 26 April 2023

loved this poem as I like to write as no-one else has written, originality my ambition.

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Chinedu Dike 13 October 2021

A brilliant work of art, well conceived and elegantly brought forth...

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Aisha Masha 16 December 2016

This is a well written unique poem on love! I will continue reading your good work.

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POET! ! ! ! ! ! Always connect with your inner child-that's where the spirit comes from-I'm sure I studied this poem when I was in high school.A ten from me.

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Fay Slimm 21 August 2008

Your wish has come true for you already write as grown-up poets do, cascading, as you do, lots of small lamps, and in cupped hands too. Bless you. Fay

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Michael Shepherd

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