*caguama Poem by nimal dunuhinga


Rating: 2.8

Oh! It's very cheap a bottle of Cerveza
And I spent only a dollar and ninety nine cents.
All of a sudden I flew to El Salvador last night,
And it's a Red carpet at San Salvador,
Straight away from the Air Port been to President's house.
While at the dinner table we discussed about the Pipil Indians,
Descendants of the Aztecs, previous series of military dictatorships
And the invasion Honduras.
He offered me a position in the Government,
'Minister of Fisheries'?
I was shocked then I said; ' I am sorry better give that chance to a poor native fisherman who knows the depth of sea well.'
The two consecutive bottles of beer
Gave me a slight hangover in the morning.
I wiped my watery eyes and I found the fading figure of El Salvador's President in my strange dream.

*And this was imprinted on the side of the bottle.
Legend has it the fishermen of Central America sought the great Loggerhead Turtle in warm Tropical waters.It's Tribal belief that this powerful Turtle, also known as the 'Caguama' symbolized good fortune for the fishermen's Village.It's our hope that you too will experience the good fortune of the 'Caguama'.

Pranab K Chakraborty 31 July 2010

Fantastic tie-up between myth and dream. They embracing each other to depict a political philosophy where specialized labour-worker will lead the state power in particular field according to the requirement. Lucid expression with proper diction and form keeps the writing aesthetically in height. Another excellent work of experienced achievments in poetry. Regards, 10+ pranab

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nimal dunuhinga

nimal dunuhinga

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