* I Was Born By The River Poem by nimal dunuhinga

* I Was Born By The River

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My scholar friend keeps his late Grandma's diary
And a certain page was highlighted in the color of yellow.
My old ferryman you never realized that how I deeply loved you?
Since in the cradle the word 'depth' I heard several occasions from my parents.
They always talk about the mysterious river's depth.
But I am grown up now and I understand the nagging life is more deeper than the river.
A hidden alligator in the river takes a soul away once in a way
And you disappeared without saying me Goodbye!
I murmur your everlasting song while sitting on my sick bed.
'This old vehicle stops at all railroad crossings
As I am really scared of painful death.'

* My humble dedication to Sam Cooke for quoting his wonderful song's title.

nimal p.dunuhinga

John Oconnell 17 February 2010

hello again. very, very human. john

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Powerful picture of our mortality. Well done my friend.

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Powerful picture of our mortality. Well done my friend.

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Kolawole Ajao 17 April 2010

Sound, deep, unique, well arranged free verse.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 30 May 2010

The soul gets deeper!

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Edward Kofi Louis 13 February 2016

To respect nature with the muse of your Birth. Thanks for sharing.

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Fabrizio Frosini 26 December 2014

really nice lines, Nimal and great bio, too

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Patti Masterman 07 February 2013

I like what you've done in this one.

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Makhosonke Dhlamini 25 January 2012

Excellent poem, life is deep than any mind of any great philosopher. Thak you for inviting me I will try to read all your poems.

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 08 October 2011

i always think what we learn about the past especially if it concers us or a loved-one is significant and i smile as i read your poem it is nice

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