Erhard Hans Josef Lang

Rookie - 171 Points (January 8,1957 / Günzburg/Danube Germany)

Calculus Revamp In The Making - Poem by Erhard Hans Josef Lang

Scientific knowledge is useful in the hands of its brains only
When applied to ends of
Improvement and the happiness in
The lives of men & other creatures,
Seeking to make out and produce best possible wherewithals
Through more and more advanced technicians' inventions that know to
Copy the laws of nature distinctly for human creations that comfort life,

For basic things that lighten up the burdens
In the lives of our species
Who stands, though expelled from nature's
Fool-proof guidance by the animal instinct
On heads held up so aloof,
Which so vainly and insidiously ever attempt to
Harness for own harvests the secret wits from
The fires of Chef Mind in this kitchen of the universe
We all find ourselves lodged in.

A considerable number of smart global insiders
Knowledgable of the lavish ways of the world,
In high-aspiring personality's refined manners, indeed, have come,
With families, clans and their clubs,
Ahead of new trends they usher in among the main in their wake,
To be established in quite stately realms of a life of practical nobility,
The outcropping of which undeniably has left its indelible mark
On the ease of modern-day living from
The cosmopolitan's penthouse to
The mountain-man's forest hut.

But in which virtual ways, then, have the burdens of the human lot been really relieved,
Eversince the erect uprising By the moving, once supine organs of this planet
We've taken over in lease from
The good hands of the creator God, after all?

'Many people are still suffering, and
Even dying with hunger on the earth, '
Report the daily newscasts.

Is humankind really well-advised, then, ever to be just
Following that money-perverted
Mathematically scheming organized intelligence of pointed state-of-the-art
That makes it a wily game of contests with their challengers
Amongst the hordes of their likes
To fill their pockets with the very money
That in the daily flashes of the media they own
They later on will state as lacking
With these poor and starving in the world
Who they so readily accept as providing
For the ultimate big chance of their patriotic leaders',
Whose parasites they are, to excel
In the humanitarianism that they're eagerly pressing to display -
With a view to keeping the latter indebted to them for good -
In the face of shortages with the poor nations of the world
Whose soils hold but that precious natural produce
Which exactly they themselves are lacking in.

A hoax of a fateful imbroglio that
Harasses badly the masses of the whole world of today,
With the general directions of life on their compasses set to that pole,
Not even fully understood to read by the masonry guilds themselves
Who mastermind that highly magnetized scenery,

So vital to the making of them millionairs of fast international grip
Who so prudently channel for us all
The gadgetery and the pacifyer contents
That are to rock us into a blessed restful state of
Keeping one's mouths shut
after all the daily labouring and toiling of ours
That their millions of nepotistic funds thrive on -
On this globe of our divine hope.

'You Chietains of the designers of the face of
The world of today and tomorrow,
Will your pockets ever be filled to your full heart's contentment?

Will you ever start reflecting on what new thing or scheme
Were a most basic need of being newly introduced
for a stark uplift of the lives of all in real time? '

What were to be regarded a more useful invention,
And, as such, a more satisfactory thing of the future:

A materializing HypnoVision player on which you may
Watch your nightly dreams - or nightmares, for that matter - in the day,
Transjected into three-dimensional moving pictures
Through its interaction with an implanted SCDTT chip
(Sensational Cerebral Dream-Tweeter Terminal) -
A big new market sector for outstanding surgeons
Who eventually then also could be expected to
Release the long-awaited successful therapies to
The modern physical scourges of men -
(With a five-minute dream stint lasting up to
Three hours of watching in waking time...)

Or to come up finally with a new, totally revolutionized,
Wholesome marketing system
Designed sophisticated and workable,
That finally rids the world of the human root of all evil -
Including the much talked about, but
Rarely alleviated pollution in all our blue globe's spheres,
The abolishment of money, altogether, in favor of
A panvoluntaristic tackling of all men's 'give & take'? ?

A call, kept yet silent, but slowly growing in voice,
Is going out to lyricists with music in their hearts
To take to musing and singing to more and more people
With a perfect vision for a better world to be,
A vision of a new way of humans living together all over places -
No longer enslaved by something
As opposite to a loving heart as cursed money
And its derivatives cum its daredevils' rules of advantage-taking -
A call that one fine day, when heeded, will
Topple all the whip-lashers of the race and their unrelenting dictatorship
And lead to a new state of paradise
Now and here.

'Let us not become weary in doing good,
For at the proper time we will reap a harvest
If we do not give up',
The Galatians of the world's younger eras already had admonished us.

So go and sing about it, if you can, dear friends of men,
And make it come true and make it happen,
For humankind eventually to proceed onward to our well-deserved higher stage,
With a safe haven for new humans on a
Much stronger and more beautiful rock,
A true abode for advanced humanity,
That we all long for,
That we all will fondly be embracing, once in place,
In this ocean of life for us to hold on to,
In the midst of all the bewildering shouts and commands of today by the manifold
Captains of our marketed souls
In these galores of theirs today
That we, the slaves of money, incessantly have to row for them
Through the perilous waters of life
Under their beating sticks and
With the miserly carrots that they bait us with.

Freedom has ever prevailed after each phase of bondedness, in the end,
Or else final destruction would have restored it.
This time it is you and I and our contemporaries who are called upon to
Set the tempo in the run for the happy changes
To come our way and abide with us forever.

Topic(s) of this poem: money

Form: Dramatic Monologue

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Dear reader, you may go to following link (http: // to cast a vote on behalf of my Ideas on the goal of abolishing money and its practicability on America's next President Obama's website on the changes of America, bound to change the whole world. My idea is currently, as of Dec.19,2008, in 15th Place in Global Poverty and needs 66 more votes to make it into the second round. Thanks

Comments about Calculus Revamp In The Making by Erhard Hans Josef Lang

  • (9/12/2015 4:48:00 PM)

    Thank you, Erhard.

    Zelia and Gabriel
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    (9/13/2015 4:28:00 AM)

    Most welcome, my heart-felt thanks also to you, too, Zelia and Gabriel.

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  • (9/30/2007 1:55:00 AM)

    The similarity of our poems both submitted around the same time, speaks volumes about the mind and how these 'thoughts' we have speak with
    a collective clarity that is totally unplanned but recognized for what this
    plan is! Nice work.
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  • (9/30/2007 1:47:00 AM)

    Captains of our marketed souls
    In these galores of theirs today
    That we, the slaves of money, incessantly have to row for them
    Through the perilous waters of life
    Under their beating sticks and
    With the miserly carrots that they bait us with

    a poem written from a heart of the heart by the heart..for the democracy of the human soul..10 is far too little for this achievement.
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    (9/12/2015 3:05:00 AM)

    Thanks a lot for your precious comment, dear brother poet.

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