Joe Rosochacki

Calling Sister Bill, Sister Yolanda, Sister Anita, Sister Consuela…. - Poem by Joe Rosochacki

I went toa Catholic school named St. Florian High School.
The school was under the authority of the Felician Nuns.
All the nuns carried the same middle name, Mary.
It was educational and certainly with a certain amount of fun,
But not as much fun the LaFave gave someone,
Who was the age of fourteen;

Do you know what I mean?

“It’s been fourteen days since I don’t know when,
When I saw her with my best friend”

Sorry, I went off on a tangent,
-not that I would think of ever having sex with a nun,
I would do “nun” of that.
Especially the above aforementioned,
I would often wonder what it is like to have decent “lay” teacher,
The teachers who were raping their students statutorily,
Were in big trouble,
Spread by all the media, they condemned editorially,
Many a male student would have wanted LaFave to burst their virgin bubble.

Pamela Rogers, Rebecca Ann Boicelli, Mary Kay Letourneau, Celeste Emerick,
Adrianne Hockett, Carol Lynn Flannigan, Amber Denise Williams, Senorita Walker, Kristen Margrif, Amber Marshall, Sarah Bench-Salorio, Melissa Michelle Deel, Angela Comer, Nicole Andrea Barnhart, Tammy Lee Huggins, Toni Lynn Woods, Bethany Sherrill, Margaret De Barraicua, Nicole Long, Rachel Holt, Sharon Linton Rutherford, Susan Lemery, Becci Hill, Wendie A. Schweikert, Allena Ward, Jennifer Mally, Mariella Brenlla, Karen Robbins, Christina Butler, and Kelsey Peterson are among the convicted.

They betrayed the society that has entrusted them with the education of children,
After looking at these mug shots I find it hard,
That anyone would have sexual desire for them,
What is that the students would get better grade, not fail,
Or simply screw someone that was willing and able?
What more is that I discovered not just rape, but murder, and kidnapping?
But I hope that these indiscretions were just whim, neither for fame nor glory.

So back to St. Florian High,
I’m glad that I haven’t put up with that BS when I went to school,
So the nuns are exonerated, but the pedophile priests,
- they are a different story.


And it still continues,
A 33 female year old teacher was convicted of raping two brothers in the news,
Jennifer Rice had sex with a ten year old and a fifteen year old,
Yet this story is not ending, the end is not in sight, many more to unfold.
(amended 4-21-09)

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 9, 2009

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