Camilla And Charles

Rating: 4.1

Oh, what a dream it was!
I had been standing idly
at the gate called Buckingham,
the Palace was engulfed
in British Dew, so gray
when suddenly, how strange,
two corgy dogs came at me growling.
In an evasive, quick manoeuvre
I entered royal territory,
a carriage driven by the Queen
devoured body, soul and spirit.
'I must be dead', the thought occurred,
a yellow light was playing sweetly
with four full-grown and horny moths.
The Prince was bandaging my ankle
and for my soul my head was cradled
within the lap of a stout maiden.
She stroked my hair, then kissed my cheek
and spoke exotic English,
I understood, I'd be alright
if not they would be sorry
and give command to have a wake
a burial with full honours
she smelled so nice and looked so young
her perfume is called Ambush.
And when Camilla mentioned 'Wake',
I sat up in my bed,
and, realising what's at stake
I'm glad I am not yet dead.

Herbert Nehrlich1 22 March 2005

Thanks Lare and Allan, just wanted to add that I now like Camilla, but not corgies. H

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Lare Austin 22 March 2005

I had to give this a ten, just had to have a ten...that's all there is too it...just remember what the marksman would say when trying to hit the which this case you have...'windage and elevation...windage and elevation...'... Just me, Lare

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Allan James Saywell 22 March 2005

What a lovely story all about the royals, dont forget the corgies did they they actually look after you herbert, very unlike the british to look after someone from the colonies, they thought you were british you had your tweeds on, didn't you, are you sure the poem is long enough you dont have them problems i have mine are too short the irish think they are, you should have thrown in a terrorist from belfast to liven things up, though herbert i have to give it a ten Warm regards allan

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