Can You Poem by suja nair

Can You

Can you love me with all your heart, my dear,
Can you sweep me off my feet with your love,
Can you honey, love me with the inner depth of feelings
The strong feelings of emotions, I want to experience with you

Can you my dear, be my sole mate, can you
I want you to love me from the deepest feelings of emotions,
Can you imagine the depth of the feeling and the pain one undergoes, when one is totally enslaved by love and just cant get it totally
or rather never get it, can you dear, can you

Can you give me, i want luv in emotions, not physical
can you love me with all your heart and soul and still be far away from me......

dont question, its the truth, i find many things nice in you, i want to luv u with all the strong emotions, fight with you luv you hate you, get annoyed with you and all that, and still be far from you,
Can you my dear, can you give me that feeling of pain in love....

your talks, your thoughts, your way of looking at life, gives me a kick, I just want to luv you so much that you forget every thing and crave for me,,,, like i shall also, but then it will be only the craving, can you honey, can you love me like that.
Can you give me this deep rooted intensity, the vibrations i get when am with you,
Can you give me that divine love, the godly depth of togetherness
Can you, dear........give me the passion.... blind love....

Saturday, March 8, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: passion
Seema Roy 17 August 2014

True passionate love. Sure to get your love.

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