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Women's Day

Today ask your self, every women,
Am I a good mother, treating my son and daughter equally,
Am I a good daughter, doing my duties not only asking for my rights
Am I a good wife, taking respect from husband and giving him respect


I Love you so much that I hate you more,
I Love you for all the beautiful things you told me,
I hate you for all what you do to me,
I waver between Love and Hate

Worth Living

I feel all lost and sad today, my dear,
I feel lonely and unwanted,
I feel the world has come to an end my dear
I feel very very very sad.......

My Baby Girl

When you were born, my little baby,
you were the most wonderful thing I had.....
As days went by you started growing,
and every step you kept towards growth


Was it a dream, was it an illusion, or was it just a thought
Dear, I hear you call, I hear your voice, I feel you, Can I see you..
Am I asking too much, or is it just a thought.
May be it is my heart aching for something too much.

Why Why Why

Why do I miss you so much, , When you are just a few distance away....
Why do I feel so lonely, When you are so near to me
Why is that I feel you a stranger, When you just stand by me....
Why does this happen, every time I think of you.......

Begger Child

I was very hungry, running from person to person,
Begging for a penny, begging for anything...
My morning started with a beating, Master felt I was lazy..
I just pray, God bless me with money, so that I can please


If there was something I could do,
If Someone somewhere could do something,
Just stop all this, this guns and fires,
This sound of crying and shouting....

You And Me

Am I thrilled, am I Happy, am I waiting
am I just worried, or is it all in one feeling
When finally dear you said you are coming....
I do want to meet you, but then all the pain

Bride Of A Soldier

The beautiful Bride waits for her husband.....
Who is fighting far away, away in the mountains....
Doing his duty, the duty of guarding the nation.....
The nation he loves, which is his own.....

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