Can You Still Stand On Principles In Our Great Land Poem by Nadalia Bagratuni

Can You Still Stand On Principles In Our Great Land

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Without equivocation,
I too can address this great nation.

I have reason,
And the Baghdad Boys did commit treason!

In an appeal to authority,
We have elevated singers to politicians,
and taken the voice from the majority.

Now, wait a minute, why would we believe
What two politicians said about Saddam,
When the rest of Congress is putting a resolution
Together for Hussein’s final solution.

This is what I mean,
What happened to the days of Gary Cooper
And John Wayne.
Where men ride tall in the saddle,
And not sneak out of town.
When men called a press conference from D.C.
Not from enemy's camp grounds.

Things weren't better back in the movies,
But when you had a fight,
You knew what side Cooper and Wayne
Would be on - always the right.

Now, we have another hero,
He is President Bush.
We may not all agree with him
On every issue,
But we never agreed with Cooper or Wayne.

However, today, our High Noon is not movie screen,
It is on the big screen of life.
We aren't all movie critics,
We are in a fight for our lives.

Let's remember these lines,
And remember them well
183 died at the Alamo,
In a battle against a tyrant.
The battle cry became
'Remember the Alamo! '

We didn't worry, why they fought
In a Mission,
We just knew what we needed to do,
If we wanted to complete the task,
Stay the course,
And win our mission.

I say, let's rally around our great principles,
We live in a free land,
Support the people
Who run our country,
And give them a free hand,
To do what is right,
And do what is just,
To the people who treat us with such disgust.

We can't have it both ways,
You must draw a line in the sand,
Either you are for me or against me,
But you are under my command.

I will lead you,
Our nation is great,
Our goals are noble,
And I won’t hesitate.

These are not the demands of mad man,
A politician or pollster,
These are the commands of our commander and chief.

I ask once again in a rhetorical way,
Can you still stand on Principles in
Our Great land.

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