Cannot Let Go Poem by Gregory PierreJerome

Cannot Let Go

Why does she want to move on when we just started?

Tug of war, angel if you let go, I fall

I hear it is about another playing on my court with my ball

Do you not remember it is HIM above that makes the calls?

So you gave up your duties, no hope for none

Are you sure about this, are you really done?

Emotional strife with a wonderful life

I am with no empathy; she is playing games with my life

Cannot let go for I love this vicious flow

You are so cute hitting me with that harsh blow

Our deepest feelings are glee in Christ so let them grow

We are too far in greatness

There is no sound of heaviness

Tell me why this is turning into wickedness is

Cannot let go because you are too special

This story can be classical

Your love is dramatically typical

Your fear can be so romantically encomiastical

Foreshadowing your gracious affection so exceedingly mystical

You leave me and come back remarkably imaginably hysterical

My pain for you is my gain in you, wow! Very comical

Cannot let go, your voice is too beautiful

With you I am too blissful

How can I kill this love genre that is so grateful?

I found favor in our LORD CHRIST, truly merciful

In you I find my treasures, what an adventure

CHRIST is ALPHA AND OMEGA and my only nature

How can I hurt his daughter, my only future?

Sugar, I love you so please make your gesture!

Cannot let thus I die and lose my aventure

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 19 June 2010

‘Our deepest feelings are glee in Christ so let them grow’…for me bottom line of this poem...well done … Thanks sharing Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10+

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Michelle Al G 03 June 2010

Greg you really passion of love and poetry nie to see it in you! your poems are unbelieveble and trust me when i say this poem is better then mine! :)

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