Cant Be Saved Poem by Kathryn Miller

Cant Be Saved

I cant find my way,
I cant block out the voices,
Cant stop fallowing the light guiding me,
Cant stop thinking of you,
Cannot stop this breakdown,
Cannot stop the pain of cutting myself,
Can not stop the thoughts racing through my mind,
Can not stop feeling so depressed,
The depression takes over me,
The light guides me deeper into it,
The thought of u drives me insane,
The breakdown makes me vulnerable,
The pain and thoughts making it worse,
I cannot be saved from this obsession,
This obsession with hurt, pain, and depression.

Marilyn White 01 January 2007

Honey I know you feel. I suffer from it too. I know where Jade and Simon are coming from because this is not the first time it has happened to me. And I think this time I maybe to far gone to be pulled back in. Although becareful who tell what you are feeling to make sure it is some one you trust and love and know that is going to be there for you and won't turn their back on you. Best of luck. Ps. Hope to read something in future that you have gotten through this... Marilyn

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Simon Stuart Gray 31 December 2006

Kathryn, You can can be saved their is hope. My wife was engulfed with deppression that it consumed her whole life. There is hope, but you must as Jade said talk to someone who can help. Wishing you the very best.

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Jade Murphy 31 December 2006

My dear Kathryn, it sounds like you are living in a world that is crushing you, talk to someone, tell someone this is how you are feeling, if you don't, you'll find yourself too far out to be pulled back in. The world is a much better place beyond the pain you are experiencing. I wish you all the best for the future.

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