6th Grade Poem Poem by Kathryn Miller

6th Grade Poem

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6th grade rushes on,
The work grows harder,
And the days grow longer,
But our friends help us on the way,
As do the teachers,
Mrs. Franklin (the project queen) ,
Mrs. Gunter (the expert experimenter) ,
Mrs. Floyd (the pop quiz thriller) ,
And Mrs. Adams (the homework-giving fanatic) ,
All friends together and together as one we stand,
The homework grows,
The dances come,
Grades rise and fall,
Yet it’s fun,
Fun to be educated by inspiring people,
And become inspiring as well,
The projects grow further apart,
As do the mistakes we make,
So let’s take a moment and think...
Think back on our past and recollect
the experiences we have had and will always cherish.

yashita 30 April 2021

Best poem, I am in 6th. Very Inspiring.

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justin 09 November 2018

i'm initially in 6th grade and i can totally relate with this poem. Awesome job Katheryn Miller. My bff from school remember me?

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justin 08 November 2018

cool i like the poem

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Duncan Wyllie 13 June 2006

The stepping stones of our life maybe built on the way we look forward Love Duncan x

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Ronald Stroman 30 May 2006

knowledge is power, as well as, a poem. they both multiply when shared. 1968 is too far back for me to remember. ... i still remember.

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