A Deadly Secret Poem by Kathryn Miller

A Deadly Secret

Rating: 4.3

I have witnessed something that I have kept a secret,
It cost a lot to me and to them,
I didn't go to anyone for help,
I denied everything,
Including my existence there,
Now I have grown into someone who won't forgive herself,
Someone who can't stop thinking if I had done something,
Would it have been ok,
I was worried about my family; my friends; and yes even me,
But now I see you can't deny everything like that,
And I would give anything to change what I have done,
And try my hardest to stop it from happening again,
But we all know that that isn't possible so now what to do,
I just feel like I can never be forgiven.

Duncan Wyllie 13 June 2006

If we can see even the smallest glimmer of hope, then open up all your windows and let the light in Love Duncan X

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Ronald Stroman 31 May 2006

they say a 'coward's' deadly secret, kills them everyday. that's what they say...not me. life comes with a set of choices nobody knows when one does something heroic, and no one that knows them know it. some of us seem to need witnessses... or a drink. what do you need, to be heroic for yourself? ? ?

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