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Hi, lets see what do you want to know about me? I have one brother. Um, I have no books published but I am working on one. It is called 'Anna Parks'. I am not in a relationship. I have no kids. I LOVE to read! I love to do Sodokus, crosswords, and of course write poetry. I write all of my poems from either experiance or seeing it happen to my brother or someone else. I write some poems to honor people and what they have done. My house burned down in the summer of 2005. And things are just now getting back to normal. I love my family and wish I could spend more time with them. Even though my brother doesn't approve of my poetry I think he is my biggest role model right now

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Howard Johnson 16 November 2006

Evreyone should take a little time and read Kathryn Miller.She is a young tallented writer. She has many writes, , about life's experences.

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Melvina Germain 05 August 2006

I like this poem, however many prefer to live alone and be alone in terms of intimacy. Such people have other loves they share on a daily basis. The love of children, the love of friendships, the love of nature, the love of being alive. You are absolutely right though, and I would put it this way 'Life without love, would be a tragedy'. Thanks for writing that poem Kathryn, you certainly made me sit back and think. Keep up the good work. Melvina

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The Best Poem Of Kathryn Miller


I contemplate this thought,
A thought of giving up,
A thought of suicide,

I take a knife,
And plunge it deep,
And feel of suicide,

I swallow the pills,
And got to sleep,
And dream of suicide,

I take a gun,
And pull the trigger,
And commit suicide.

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Kathryn Miller Popularity

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