Cell Poem by Gita Ashok


Rating: 4.5

Isn’t the English language at times funny?
For one word can have meanings too many.

For example, take the word ‘cell’.
With this single word ‘cell’-
what you precisely mean,
you can never tell.

A cell is the microscopic unit of life in biology
or it could be a chemical device to produce electrical energy.

It could refer to a place where a prisoner is confined
or it could denote an area of a spreadsheet defined.

It may mean a very small room in a monastery
or a little compartment of a honey comb on a tree.

Of late everything seems pell-mell with the word ‘cell’-
for its ring-tone has another interesting story to tell.

So when you just say ‘cell’
what it means we can hardly tell -
unless we know the context
or wait till what comes next.

28 June 2010
9: 45 am

Subbaraman N V 01 October 2010

That is the strength of the language! Nice analysis.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 10 July 2010

very interesting write by certain words in English which mean differently in different context,

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 06 July 2010

An interesting poem to explore a word. Most of the words have multiple meanings.

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An enlightening little poem. Loved the light heartedness of the write! ; D

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Gan Chennai 28 June 2010

You Tell About Cell Very Well

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