Chalk & Cheese (You & Me) Poem by cahen thrips

Chalk & Cheese (You & Me)

Rating: 5.0

you are chalk & I am cheese;
somehow you became my smorgasbord
while I write poetry on your blackboard

now the truckle is almost-eaten,
our poetry neither scans nor rhymes
yet here we are (if eroded and over-ripe)
sharing the same silvered platter,
wondering how we managed at all to matter;
to travel this far or to be here still at all

thus far to a uniqueness we can't understand
bound as one by a single
dented but infrangible ampersand

you are now cheesy chalk & I
chalky cheese; different textures but
after all these years we've
come together well, haven't we?

September 2022


2. The beauty of enigmatic images epitomes in ‘ampersand'. And then the concluding lines steals the readers' heart and mind.

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An extraordinary poem, brilliant in its own way. The images'chalk' and ‘cheese' are accentuated by use of words/images like smorgasbord and blackboard, and then taken to further heights. (Contd)

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Rob Lamberton 22 January 2023

An interesting combination, kind of like the cheese packet in a box of macaroni and cheese.

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D.N. Rebb 17 January 2023


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LeeAnn Azzopardi 16 January 2023

A brilliant write TFS

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4. The efforts you have put in to add rhyme and rhythm to the smorgasbord of imagery have not gone in vain, dear poet. Enjoyed.

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3. Loved the poem. Top score. And added to Myfav

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