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Just before the first snow comes,
The lake nearby is overcome
An icy shield is spread around,
Those underneath are safe and sound.

I'm not controlling it.
It's the voice in my head
You told me I was good enough
But I listened to the voice instead

I don't want to talk about it.
I don't want you to see,
I'll explain in a minute
but for now

The words don't flow the same
Right now they're hard to tame
No longer floating around in my brain,
I thought hard but nothing came.

She runs breathing hard
Branches draw blood as she tears them apart
Tears dancing in her face
Eyes gleaming with the light of the moon


The world is quiet but
Not my mind
It races with

Do you ever think
That winter might feel left out
With nothing to grow

I tried to warn him about the dreams
But he was too proud to see through the scheme
My beloved is dead and I sit alone
And all I can think is that he should have known

Sky as dark as a deep black sea
The moon is a beautiful thing shining on me.
The stars compared to this brilliant light
Trying to shine with all of their might.

America is said to be
Home of the brave
Land of the free
But what about this tree?

I'm not good at math
that's just a fact
the numbers mix and spin
my brain goes off like a siren

I'm walking down a quiet street -
I don't think so
Noise is all I see
To escape I have nowhere to go

In all the world
There was not such joy-filled girl
As this one.

We're being robbed of everything right
Nobody has courage to stand and to fight.
There are words being lost, life comes at a cost
But now we need to stand with might

I'm in the dark, all by myself
Above my bed I see the shelf
Here Lost loved ones' memories lie
Here is where I start to cry

Coming home from school one day
Oh, how I longed for someone to play.
I had no sisters, only brothers
But they were too young anyway.

Meredith B. Biography

Currently, I live in Maryland, US but we move a lot because my dad is in the Army, so I'm a military kid. I have four siblings, two of which are adopted from Poland. I started writing poetry when I was twelve years old, and I joined at 14 years old. Right now I am in the middle of a gap year before high school, which I know is unusual but so am I XD. Emily Dickinson is my favorite poet. I enjoy writing poetry because of the stories you can tell with rhymes or alliteration - or even just stanzas without either of those things. I like how some poems have hidden messages (which I like to put in mine) . I believe in the Christian faith. I'm not the best at poetry yet but I hope to get better with time - no one is perfect at it when they're my age I assume.: P Thanks for reading my bio, and I hope you enjoy my poems! -Meredith :))

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32 Degrees

Just before the first snow comes,
The lake nearby is overcome
An icy shield is spread around,
Those underneath are safe and sound.

A peaceful silence, so serene
Life still there but now unseen.
All around a blazing white
A wonderful result of the freezing night.

The last bird left a while ago,
Covered are all things that grow.
Gone are all the buzzing bees
Sleeping in 32 degrees.

Meredith B. Comments

Meredith Briggs 14 December 2022

Hi Charlotte, 'Forget it' is about the struggle with yourself and others to tell them about your burdens or problems and the fears of doing so

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Meredith Briggs 19 December 2022

Thanks for asking: D

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Meredith Briggs 30 November 2022

Hiiii please comment and rate if you like my poems I would love to hear what you have to say and what I can do better : ) thanks! !

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Charlotte M. 01 December 2022

Hi! I love all your poems so much. But I want to ask you something about the poem 'Forget It' I don't quite get the meaning of the poem. So, what is it supposed to mean?

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When all is lost, focus on finding yourself first.

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