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I knew her voice many years before.
Hello she said, greeting me at the door.
I had forgotten her smile and eyes so blue.
Her shyness began passing like storms will do.

Are you still writing music after all these years?
The first question she asked, surprising to hear.
What new songs have you been writing, she asked with a pause.
Nobody ever ask me anymore so, I gave up the cause.

Well I’m asking she said; so sing me a song.
You must be mad or serious but, I’ll play along.
She chuckled and laughed and I did draw a smile.
Our five second hello started to last awhile.

I often think of you from time to time.
My friends say they see you briefly passing by.
How could it be that her friends even care?
Do they run and go tell her this news to share?

It is time for a change in my life you see.
See old friends who never came to see me.
I saw you once but could not shout too loud.
Heavy traffic and noise, the spill of the crowds.

I must get going as I have things to do.
She said good bye, giving me that smile so true.
I’ll stop by again when it doesn’t seem so strange.
Remember she said: There’s nothing wrong with change.

Funny that last sentence still rings in my ear.
I thought about the time and the passing of years.
There is a song that I must completely arrange.
Nothing can be new if there is no change.

Alison Smith 15 December 2006

Nothing is new if uts not following something changed.... Alison

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