Chapter Heading Poem by Ernest Hemingway

Chapter Heading

Rating: 3.1

For we have thought the larger thoughts
And gone the shorter way.
And we have danced to devil's tunes,
Shivering home to pray;
To serve one master in the night,
Another in the day.

Susan Williams 28 February 2016

The brevity and starkness that is Hemingway's signature makes 'Chapter Heading' a startlingly powerful poem about the eternal conflict between the spirit and the flesh. Look at the power of sparseness in this line: ........ shivering home to pray. It says more in four words than some weighty and lengthy sermon ever could. It's impact is the difference at striking out with a fat snowball and striking out with a sleek arrow from a cross-bow.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 28 February 2016

Duel policy for reaping undue benefits adopted by opportunists skillfully displayed.

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Prasanth K Jose 23 July 2014

CHAPTER HEADING BY E.M.Hemingway is a poem written on how crooked and waywardly ways can employees accept to gain maximum profit.Here the workers chose the shortest and the evil way and they danced to the tune of the devil.They obey one master in the day and another in the night.Even today people try to go through evil ways and dance to the tunes of the devil himself to get profit and generate income.Hence the poem holds contemporary relevance.

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