Chapters Of Life Poem by Laquory Jones

Chapters Of Life

Rating: 5.0

I was taught to dream from an early age
Life is a chapter book where I write out
Each page life turned into lessons learned
That'll never age from my days of youth
I began to uproot as words spilleth true
My soul could feel it too as pictures
Ricochet through like an open book no
Matter how old I get I'm adding to its
Script hoping that all the pages fits as
Each day passes another page is
Stripped like the days of skip as inner
Feelings begins to rip through the pages
Torn like my days of young I knew

I was working toward something though
Lately I've been feeling strange wondering
What the book will further contain
Maybe it's just me thinking out in vain
Holding fractions of memories
Just anything that will keep me sane
Like the little pieces that once remained

A new chapter of life suddenly begins
This time I'm grabbing extra pens letting the
Ink extend to the very end as it make amends
To the letters that's already written on the
Edges of my paper hearing whispers of its
Intent sometimes the book never made any
Sense I struggled to make sense of it
But I guess that's what makes it worth-
While so the chapters never goes out of
Style the journey was wickedly wild
But it taught me to go that extra mile


Friday, May 26, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: dreams,honesty,life,memories,moments

Very good and deserve a ten for this poem..thank you for sharing..

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