God's Armor Poem by Laquory Jones

God's Armor

Rating: 4.3

God is my Armor with these emotions that I tend to harbor
Stretched arms out every-time people tries to harm me
Now I'm coming to my senses when life gets too alarming
Fire is the flames that begins the burning deaf are the people
That causes the stomach to start churning I'm constantly
Learning as I see the eyes between the noses must be the
Holy Ghost I struggle to be what Jesus was to earth must
Be this girth that causes me to go berserk making my spine
Begin to jerk when haters begins to lurk must be blood in
Water piranhas are waiting to devour causing even the darkest
Soul to cower thoughts are becoming louder as they begin to
Plow I'm chowing down to the minerals of a funeral does this
Make it futile life can be brutal death can be just as mutual
These thoughts can be heard even with the mouth close as I
Sit begin to fry I hear hell in the distance did that make me
Distant a constant reminder of what not to do when hearts turn
Royal blue tis was true when evil had began to plague me
Thoughts came by on the daily sensing I have failed not only
Myself but the people around me I was dead when they found me
Demons had began to bound me dragged me all the way through
The town see what happens when too many thoughts begins to
Pound me trumpets had began to sounded this is what I began
To dream so many dreams about the things unseen must be the
Things that I foresee lifting up misery must be my vanity
Disappearing no longer earring is gaining bearing grasping
On any sanity that might be left when brain hemispheres
Had cleft and left me and I had wept inner thoughts are
Becoming septic just as hectic as I try to walk a pathology
In this life while taking every battle scar in strife
Death is the knife that cuts through life until it begins
To bleed planting demonic seeds but not a person will take
My heed so they continue their evil deeds that never leaves


Monday, April 20, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Kelly Kurt 20 April 2015

An interesting poem, Laquory. Thanks for sharing

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Laquory Jones 22 April 2015

You are welcome

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Laquory Jones 22 April 2015

I am glad you liked my poem

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Kumarmani Mahakul 20 April 2015

God is my Armor with these emotions. Very nicely expressed everything in this poem. Nice devotion of mind.10.

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Laquory Jones 22 April 2015

Thank you

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Tamara Beryl Latham 14 October 2019

Great poem. I read this as temptation of evil that is overcome by a strong belief in God. Your faith is your salvation. Thanks for sharing. : -)

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Sylvia Frances Chan 12 February 2018

TWO: A narration poem of the self is the most suitable to present this explicit one, a strong devotional and if I may say you have again created a poem full of brilliance! Myriads of 10 for the vote. You have a good philosophical attitude towards things around you. AND you have read the Bible, that I am sure, since you have written the names from the Bible in the correct context. Thank you for sharing this valuable poesy.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 12 February 2018

ONE: A mesmerizing poem. This poem has all kind of rhymings, at the start, in the middle and oft at the end of a line. As a reader I have read this aloud many times, finally you are in the rhythm of the poem and that sounds like a song, really just try a few times and then you will get that.

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Chinedu Dike 12 February 2018

Insightful utterances set aside for sober reflection. Thanks for sharing Jones.

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Rebecca Navarre 27 November 2017

Very Strong And Powerful Poem! ! ! ! ! With Much Wisdom Shown! ! ! ! ! Faith In God! ! ! ! ! Thank ever So Much For Sharing! ! ! ! ! Many Many 10S! ! ! ! ! ! ! +++++

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