Laquory Jones Poems

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God's Armor

God is my Armor with these emotions that I tend to harbor
Stretched arms out every-time people tries to harm me
Now I'm coming to my senses when life gets too alarming
Fire is the flames that begins the burning deaf are the people

Survival Power

Verse 1
Lately I just been on the downs
I just found out that one of my
Closest friends have cancer and

Poetically Inclined

What is life coming to I've fallen through the earth
With no parachute I've failed as I acknowledged the truth
As I'm dodging verbal missiles, projectiles and
Emotional abuse I live life as a recluse

Poem Of Thought

Inside me lives this story trying to become
Unfolded upon this Rocky Road under the
Blister snow so I guess it had made me
Bitter cold too many empty souls rotted

Chasing Dreams

All my life I've been chasing dreams
It has never once occurred to me
If only I'd believed I could achieve
But words fell upon deaf ears with

So Much Beauty

Verse 1
Looking at your face so much beauty that
I intake sometimes I don't always have
The perfect words to say all the things


I think I've found a way for minding fusion
My mind's mixed with fierce intensity
At max density because nothing in
Life comes easy desire is my

Do You Ever Reminisce?

Do you ever just sit back and reminisce
Like how the summer heat would kiss the
Lips against the autumn wind heat waves

Loss For Words

Sometimes I get so loss for words with
Pain hitting me deeply as it occurs thinking
About them only seems to make it worse
Because there's no such thing as the perfect

What I See

I've been getting frustrated modern times are becoming outdated
Tell me who ever worked for their dreams and achieved then lived
To regret it the steps of success forever embedded
While barriers and ceilings are being shredded I don't even get a

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