Survival Power Poem by Laquory Jones

Survival Power

Rating: 5.0

Verse 1
Lately I just been on the downs
I just found out that one of my
Closest friends have cancer and
There's not a way to get all of
It out you can see me bawling
While trying to hold in all the
Pain it's the changing of the
Whirlwinds that hurts me the
Most why is always the people
You hold close always goes
First cancer is killing her
Slow I don't really know
How much I can take
I just sit here and do
Double takes am I dreaming?
Or am I wide awake?

Verse 2
I never knew how much things
In life are truly at stake
I find myself consumed with
Hate literally only a few
Maybe can relate it's these
Feelings that I can never shake
As I find myself falling through
The cascade watching people
Throw their shade but
She's the one whom taught me
To never cave in work hard
Every night out and day in

Verse 3
Just be the greatest you can
Ever be it's all that I'm saying
And there's no way I can repay
You for all the success that
I have found along the way
With all the advice you gave
And continue to give
All I know is that you will
Live forever and Cancer
Won't take you out
You've proven that you're
A fighter the ultimate survivor
So I take these lighters
Helping you tot get enlightened
By the fire as the cancer slowly
Burns away I've told you this
And I'll say it again today
That you'll live so no worries
Alright and I wish you the best
In your fight because cancer will
Never take your life it's our
Relay for life being sealed
Through the pavement
The name's Richie and I'll forever
Live by these statements


Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: life
I dedicate this to every person with Cancer, and future Survivors of Cancer. The battle maybe long but I know that with everyone fighting together, We become that much Stronger. I also encourage people to do Relay for Life because power starts from the inside.
Richard Wlodarski 29 November 2020

Laquory, I commend you on the courage it took for you to write this heart-wrenching poem. It's a beautiful tribute to a great friend. I wish her success in her battle. She is in my prayers. Take care. And thanks for your very positive response to DOWN TO THE WIRE. Spiritually, Richard

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Dr Antony Theodore 01 September 2018

Why is it always the people you keep close always goes first Cancer killing her slow I don't know how much I can take Just be the greatest you can ever be praying for inner power to fight all kinds of diseases, . noble idea.. giving great strength to fight with inner power along with Prayer to the Almighty.. love this poem. tony

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Edward Kofi Louis 07 August 2018

Facing life! ! With the problems as well. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Mahtab Bangalee 24 July 2018

excellent wonderful encouragement writings- Lighters helping you to get enlighten by the fire as the Cancer slowly burns away I've told you this and I'll it say again Today you'll live so no worries alright and I wish you the best nice and thanks for sharing

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Laquory Jones 27 July 2018

Thank you for your kind words Mr. Mahtab

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Robert Murray Smith 24 July 2018

A well intentioned write.++10

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Laquory Jones 27 July 2018

Thank You Robert. Your input is appreciated.

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