Poetically Inclined Poem by Laquory Jones

Poetically Inclined

Rating: 5.0

What is life coming to I've fallen through the earth
With no parachute I've failed as I acknowledged the truth
As I'm dodging verbal missiles, projectiles and
Emotional abuse I live life as a recluse
Poetry has become my poetess and my muse
No need to cut her loose our bond seeping down to
The roots of emotional bondage I can sense some
Light upon us as I feel the heat (Super sauna)
Many times I've felt as if I'm drowning (in the aqua)
As I desperately fight off these dream-eaters (piranhas)
Because they're only here to (taunt us)
Freedom of speech means as a poet I can say (what I wanna)
So no harsh words shall prosper
Everything is sealed within my locker
Words are deeply interwoven
Crafted and carefully chosen for the shocker
As a kid I wasn't much of a talker
Because voicing opinions remained improper

At the age of nine I became poetically inclined
I kept my thoughts in my mind then
Began to revolutionize a new way of life
Hoping that I too could re-energize the nation
As it seeks for a resuscitation I'm bringing hope
And resurrections from its crippling devastation
It's my own book of Revelations through my
Art-form and dedication my new take on life
As I go through her stages while rewriting new
Chapters within her pages there were no other
Way for me to face this Destiny I have to chase it
Hurt and Pain will come no matter how I lace it
But it's my choice and my sacrifice
Call it Grains of Paradise so are you coming with me
No need for an admission price


Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Sandra Feldman 07 January 2021

By far one of the best, most excellently written and described ever.

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Sandra Feldman 07 January 2021

Your 'love affaire' with Poetry so interestingly and poetically described

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Robert Murray Smith 17 July 2018

Laquory, as always a wonderful offering. Thank you.++10 Robert

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Laquory Jones 18 July 2018

Thanks Robert much appreciated

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Raymond Farrell 17 July 2018

It is a gripping and powerful emotional voyage more like a roller coaster describing your involvement in poetry that is captivating and well written.

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Laquory Jones 17 July 2018

Thank you Raymond for your kind Comment

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