Cherry Blossom Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Cherry Blossom

Rating: 5.0

A sweet music was heard in a blooming field;
Long ago, a weeping promise kept was healed.
She stood up there by her own;
Not knowing where to roam alone.
The sun was in gold,
She was to be mould.
As the guide, sun, thus spoke -
'Let her live the way she believed,
Let her dreams rise,
As she's not afraid of her pride '.
She was found anew;
Light shone on her to make her journey renew.
She was loved by the winds, held by the hands,
Unknown to others, where her destiny was planned!
Glancing at the little bird;
Looking at her from the braches, where it calmly sat,
She knew her admiration was intact.
Flying towards her by the wings,
Her heart was amused by such gentle greetings.
The sky was clear;
The love was near.
Did she knew, who was to hear?
Cherry blossoms were speaking among themselves,
She fell for the blossoms, she fell for the colours;
Praying for them to stay there forever in their powers.
She cared, she embraced,
She watered,
She was the one, who loved in terms of devotions;
Without a word uttered.
The path was beautiful, so was the trees;
Her tresses were swinging by the breeze.
A feeling of hope, a feeling within her chest was beating at its place
How couldn't she admire?
How could she speak less?
The elements were making her burden light;
Worthy of thoughts, worthy of life;
She was born to live, and not to cry.
Butterflies were happy to cherish the spring,
Those waited every year for there beings.
Her friends were few, nobody knew
She was still dancing with her heavenly hues.
Certain was she, different from all;
She chose herself after the fall.
Accompanied by harmony;
Love was found.
Thus, she knew, she was to be crowned.

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