Breezes Claiming For Spring Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Breezes Claiming For Spring

Summer breezes blend with midnight dreams,
I gaze at the clouds that envelopes ancient histories,
Like valleys in love with greens,
We came this far to know the smell of breeze.
As long as we waited for bunches of dandelions to be alive,
I saw us always in the brightest sky.

I, being a bright summer's day was embraced by your wintry December's fog.
The willow tree stood still for you to show the rising rainbow in the air of south ,
A Christmas pine was his companion that held its worth.
As long as the days are promising to write,
As long as she believes seashells loved her heart right.
The sun behind misty clouds still enlightened our lives.

The truest love raining over the Ganges is a part of the flying dove.
The navigators are advancing to reach the sea-faring dock,
At eleven hours and eleven minutes when heard by the sounds of wooden clock.
We began our journey by a brisk of heartily walk,
The destination well reached; enchanted with some everlasting eyeful of talks.
Visions I remember, as engraved in hues of cherry blossoms.
They said, "Spring, my spring, they call for you to come."
"Spring, my heavenly spring, let's just hold hands in rhythm
Standing under the sprinkles of showering rainfall."

Breezes traversing among beauties
Is the flames of northern frost.
Every region presents a delight that taught,
Hush, take a breath and label this for my sake
Sayings as voices of silver lining rocks that laid.
The palm trees were standing tall
When noble feets went within the woods,
The first acquaintance to welcome souls to bloom.

A miracle solving mysteries,
A soul reposing after a day,
I, being an old spring was carved in the heart of my young earth's milky way.
Forever the sun is promising the cherishing wind
To forecast unwritten epistles that never used ink.
Daisies stared at me for a thousand, thousand times,
Though not having a postal address, but still wrote to spring unfolding answers of breaths and dripping off their hide,
"will you return in eyes of beautiful skies, or seasons before we met in our day-dreaming shades
When the world was ours
Is it not what we craved? "
Countenance of water lilies were beloved of my home,
And the one at distance was held by the river meandering whispers of hope.
Dearly beloved, where have you been?
Dear beloved, are your fingertips turning pages and teaching words to breath?
Dear beloved, did we not shared glances which made us wither like leaves after a storm?
Dear beloved, the innocence of light house is waiting to see dolphins in seas of charms
To guide the ship that was sailing along with gentle breeze
Casting magic and flying above
As days last in my dreams.
I saw an emerald praying for the world in the lights of our dawn,
I've been watching till my eyes asked for a life that breathed in breezes staying strong.

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