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Chiaros... Gesso, Then...Curo - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Block it out, flout and doubt
I speak subjectively
Watching all the love along the route
Which caresses each
It seems that people change
But no one clocks when it happens
A lot is woe to ascertain when it has not been imagined
I got the dreamed, asked her name
The patterns changed...
Meanings over words
Seven hundred plus I'm fumbling with
I'm bleeding spoken words
And coupled with a covenant for us
Seeing compliments
From motives so absurd
Never trust in this
The consequence, of compromising self for a word
That lusts accomplishments
That's been a battle won
Saddles up and saddles on
To where the customs went
Because of this, a word
A specific purge...
And ain't worried 'bout the hard times we're trying to sally
But if I only had a spark
In some realities
A constant, seeing casualties, and wonder
Why so?
But see, I started barking up for universal
Not the feuding circles
But each extreme was taken far beyond it's target point
I'm a writer, fighting liars now
Kind, and well intentioned
Now I spit to fight the fires down...
'Cause I ain't light in pounds
Swindled, time exists in minds
Stripped me of my life's substance
Kicked me down, to live in mine...
With striped design
Dim and light as if I'm switched to bright
The fact is if your craft has stemmed from passion
Then you did alright...
Stencils and utinsels, tricks to pick and constrict
The grind
The spirit lives within though
No physic gimmick can limit mine...
Hard work and scarred mirth
God's provisions
Commenced to shine
Heart, no consenting to fold the vision
Presented lies...
So, there ain't no ending, no one did this
Others take the credit
Used to call my girlfriend, thenet of stillness stain
The presence
Look at all the Lord predicted...
How it came to pass, and made it fast!
Considering the lists of all the sordid 'flictions...
I dream of forest expeditions
And some more
Knowing, in only dreams, will this be, without the swords of wicked
If you can read past the things that you can see through...
Beneath the longsuffering that's unrelated
But not like we knew, from the early times
We're barely in adulthood
Prudent, with a
God protects me from a lot more than I can see
A lot formed, demolishing, I got warned, society...
With it's mind on me, but I got the Cross on it
Things ain't always what they seem
But the Christ is all legit...
I got a scrapbook of good days and bad days
Time is not a factor in it
Are sand and waves, and it ain't literally
A scrapbook or half
A map of nooks and rendezvous
Revisit what the laughs took...
Never taking things for granted, gauged the Praying Mantis
Evil has a look
In disdain, and aim to maybe smash it
And nothing I convey embrace the way parading backwards
Give me any platforms, politicking
Praising Weh‘, and chasing faith, forsaking paths worn
Praying that the gates
Where all will
Get in...
After trasforming ain't the fall of sinning
But the broad ascension, where we're sitting back relaxing
And ain't fretting jack, I ain't trying enough
Blessings stacked, set to dress the lacking
And the destitute, let the Light get next to you
Confess the Christ, He'll rescue you
From the damage and the nets established
By the devil, who you cannot fight
Without the Holy Spirit
Broken mirrors fixed back together
Satisfaction now
Snatch me from the ridicule to Truth
Like I'm redacted nouns
So I can be a miniscule of You
Until I grasp a crown of Life, within the heavens
Chills, I feel a little closer to You
Thank You for the lessons
For Your presence keep me focused on You

Glory To God


Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual, truth

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