A Classical Revival Poem by William Schwenck Gilbert

A Classical Revival

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At the outset I may mention it's my sovereign intention
To revive the classic memories of Athens at its best,
For my company possesses all the necessary dresses,
And a course of quiet cramming will supply us with the rest.
We've a choir hyporchematic (that is, ballet-operatic)
Who respond to the CHOREUTAE of that cultivated age,
And our clever chorus-master, all but captious criticaster,
Would accept as the CHOREGUS of the early Attic stage.
This return to classic ages is considered in their wages,
Which are always calculated by the day or by the week -
And I'll pay 'em (if they'll back me) all in OBOLOI and DRACHMAE,
Which they'll get (if they prefer it) at the Kalends that are

(At this juncture I may mention
That this erudition sham
Is but classical pretension,
The result of steady "cram.":
Periphrastic methods spurning,
To my readers all discerning
I admit this show of learning
Is the fruit of steady cram."!)

In the period Socratic every dining-room was Attic
(Which suggests an architecture of a topsy-turvy kind),
There they'd satisfy their twist on a RECHERCHE cold [Greek text
which cannot be reproduced],
Which is what they called their lunch - and so may you, if you're
As they gradually got on, they'd [Greek text which cannot be
(Which is Attic for a steady and a conscientious drink).
But they mixed their wine with water - which I'm sure they didn't
oughter -
And we Anglo-Saxons know a trick worth two of that, I think!
Then came rather risky dances (under certain circumstances)
Which would shock that worthy gentleman, the Licenser of Plays,
Corybantian maniAC kick - Dionysiac or Bacchic -
And the Dithyrambic revels of those indecorous days.

(And perhaps I'd better mention
Lest alarming you I am,
That it isn't our intention
To perform a Dithyramb -
It displays a lot of stocking,
Which is always very shocking,
And of course I'm only mocking
At the prevalence of "cram.")

Yes, on reconsideration, there are customs of that nation
Which are not in strict accordance with the habits of our day,
And when I come to codify, their rules I mean to modify,
Or Mrs. Grundy, p'r'aps, may have a word or two to say:
For they hadn't macintoshes or umbrellas or goloshes -
And a shower with their dresses must have played the very deuce,
And it must have been unpleasing when they caught a fit of
For, it seems, of pocket-handkerchiefs they didn't know the use.
They wore little underclothing - scarcely anything - or no-thing -
And their dress of Coan silk was quite transparent in design -
Well, in fact, in summer weather, something like the "altogether."
And it's THERE, I rather fancy, I shall have to draw the line!

(And again I wish to mention
That this erudition sham
Is but classical pretension,
The result of steady "cram."
Yet my classic love aggressive,
If you'll pardon the possessive,
Is exceedingly impressive
When you're passing an exam.)

Bernard F. Asuncion 03 April 2017

Draw the line..... thanks for posting....

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Kayode Are 03 April 2017

And when I come to codify their rules I mean to modify. Engaging and amusing parody.

4 3 Reply
Edward Kofi Louis 03 April 2017

To codify! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

4 1 Reply
Gajanan Mishra 03 April 2017

classic love aggressive., right

2 2 Reply
Paul Amrod 03 April 2017

An absolute visionary with a very modernistic style for the 19th century. This poem sounds more like a beat generation piece. Totally nonconventional and a wild combination of thoughts. Mister Gilbert was a highly creative genius.

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Dr Antony Theodore 03 April 2020

Periphrastic methods spurning, To my readers all discerning I admit this show of learning Is the fruit of steady cram." !) very fine poem. tony

2 0 Reply
Mahtab Bangalee 03 April 2020

Beautiful imaginative expression... Great writing

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Ratnakar Mandlik 03 April 2019

Great love for the Greek classics marvelously depicted with an intent to go for their revival. A master piece in itself.

1 1 Reply
Julia Luber 03 April 2019

He certainly has performed a trotting Dithyramb. Great rhythm-sytactical and consistent beat with wit.

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Harley White 03 April 2019

I love Gilbert and Sullivan! Their comic operettas are classic and always so masterfully crafted!

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