My Blue Sphere Poem by Akhtar Jawad

My Blue Sphere

Rating: 5.0

Love to remain in my sanctioned limit,
I shall live and die in this blue sphere,
Beautiful and amazing I truly love it,
The illusion is truthful and it's sincere.

The illusion of skies is a nice paradox,
Like a heart, doesn't think yet it thinks,
A real thought though it looks orthodox,
Like a poet's pen doesn't ink yet it inks,

My blue sphere pregnant of Milky Ways,
The solar system, systems within systems,
The sun, the planets, radiations and rays,
Taboos in taboos, customs within customs,

Man and God, prophesy within prophesy,
Life and death, pains and pleasure and the sex,
And love above all an Eve brought as her dowry,
Paradise and hell, dreams of an unseen apex,

Don't want to peep out from the wall,
Once it's broken it'll be ne'er repaired,
I know outside the walls is not a hall,
No stage, no show, nothing smeared,

Beyond it is dark there are no glories,
No fairies dancing in colorful flush lights,
No lyric no music and no love stories,
No speaking no hearing and no sights,

But within this blue sphere I see all I think,
As I think of God He exists and I bow my head,
I praise Almighty, His glory I sing and I ink,
I am sure He is within me, I can't be misled.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: god,man
Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 12 March 2021

Thankful to God that i was able to find your poem after a long while. God is within. Let us sing in his glory. Beautiful poem, most spiritual. Top stars

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Varsha M 15 December 2020

Yes sir we all have blue spheres only problem is how we have fed it. If we fed it right it blooms bright if we fed it dirt it's as black as dark night.

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