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Child Abuse Survivor

Child abuse, survivor, a victim, my situation different
It ain't like tradition, had artists, there, to contain my skill
Altitude, then kill me, with cover ups, that the structures funded
Then it followed, into my later, and greater times, on earth
Through the years, I faced evil, kindergarten, the same sequel
Child abuse survivor, the twisted darkness was way deeper
Waived a person's rights, to exist, so others could eat their bread
Claim a person dying, want attention, so no provisions come
Through the years, conditioning, age of 3, I got singled out
My child abuse was different
Cause satan schemed then to end me now
The framing stayed consistent
I'm black, but didnt have, that type of pact
The vastness of the purpose
Removed my chance, for an equal life
Dragons were unleashed on me, stripped my branches
And cut me down, tried to build a dream on me
Claim my talent was from the ground
Tortured me incessantly, artists, militia grade, tech
Every place, that let them, celebrities, that disrupt me now
Persecute the church, I dont fear the devil, I got a Home
Better, with the slain saints, replaced by copies, I'm not alone
Through the years, I been through, the same attacks
And the weight ain't change
A child abuse survivor, had scouters, to douse, my flame with lies
Early on, not family, but other places, we hadn't been
Happiness, they cant have, unless they damage the passion
Then blaspheming the Spirit
Some think Elijah a tragedy, capitals allow gangs, to terrorize
And to cancel me, everyday, a new try, years ago
Such was baphomet, I witnessed them allow murder, every week
On a Baptist kid, after this, the scripture continues though
Not just chapter 12, of revelations,
Theres that much other stuff one could marvel at
Set aside for death
I got sold a slave, cause my rhyming best
Learned that skin like fur
Really ain't no thing less you trying to test...
Dexsta Ray, the sea shell
I wish you luck trying to find the rest
Some hide the truth so good
Act like it's a crime to defy their 'best'
Plus I proved the longterm, some devised just what lies would spread
Injustices were preplanned, to block my shine so my time is less
Now society, anti, the Lord of hosts, confirmation
As the things, that I been mentioned, like every year
Still continue happening, death standing, right now
While cults and gangs, threaten my life, with noise
Carrying on,20 years, child abuse, never met abusers
Even try to breed me, to cheat my glow, since my early years
Structures, that antagonize, victims, because of things they witnessed
Cults of both resolves couple outer methods
With inner torture, all premeditated
Behind the scenes, it's the devil's land, God is not a factor
And this the proof, look, ensnared again
It's never friends, my eyes still on YHWH
My peace shall never end
Regardless, what I go through, already fired, by artists (I never been under them) , yet again
But I'm enlivened, instead of how they would rather me
Dexsta Ray, got talent, some rappers hate that
Their fans agree, extensions, are some witches, of demon dragons
Some paying the beasts, to help them take somebody
Resolve, and lie, some they have it free, child abuse survivor
Since I'm the victim, they mad at me, though they did it
Thursday, March 4, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: lessons of life

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