Childhood Friends Poem by leticia starkey

Childhood Friends

i remember you, i remember us
i remember as children we use to laugh
but now were older and some of are friends are either dead or alive
we all strived to do good but i honestly think that we were all mis-understood we all went are seperate way's and now we count down the days until we see each other but as i write this because i know we are no longer children and i know some of you are gone you either got caught up in this hard life that is hard to live and you felt cold and lonely inside so you had no love to give some of you are in prison waiting your trail some of you are there for a while some of you are married with kids and hope for the best but the rest of us youngsters that are not dead or in the pen need to fight until the end some of us have heart ache but when we really think about it we are still close maybe not as close as we like to be but no matter where you guys are your everything to me i remember carlos he was my best friend we sit on the porch and talk really late we talk about people we hate and then one day walk a car comes up starts to shoot carlos jumps in front he is hit i hold him in my arms and watch as he fades away i know it's wrong to say this but i loved carlos he was my homie we did everything together and when i cried he was there to wipe my tears away he was everything to me but that night i blamed myself for his death and i was there to hear his last breath the last thing he told me was to be good i have thought of the friends i lost to gang violence to prison gangs i also think of the friends i've gained and each one of them carry a special place in my heart and thats real but i love them all

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