Crying Out Poem by leticia starkey

Crying Out

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The other day I cried out for help
Nobody there to listen
I have been dealing with my pain for along time.
But nobody seemed to notice
I guess it’s because I try to hide it
And not let it bother me
But to be honest I need someone to listen
Because I am crying out for help
Sometimes I sit in class and cry
Nobody seems to notice or care to ask why
Sometimes I think of suicide I think that is my only way out.
Then one day sitting on the step of the stairs
It shocked me to notice that someone cared.
They told me about him
The one that can heal your pain
They one that died for me
I wonder who it could be
Then she tells me it god
I thought what
How can a person I don’t know or even no if he is real
But she is telling me this man can heal
She told me what to do.
And she said to pray and say the sinner’s prayer.
I was like what is that?
She told me a verse in the bible it goes like this
God created you in your mothers womb he knew every hair on your head
And knew who you were before anyone else.
So I did as she said in since that day I feel free and alive.

Michael Pruchnicki 01 March 2008

leticia - heartfelt and moving cry from the heart!

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John Tiong Chunghoo 29 February 2008

yes, it is always true. love heals, and there is love always out there...leticia till the end of times

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