Childhood Happiness. Poem by DICKSON MSETI

Childhood Happiness.

Rating: 4.8

So good being a happy kid,
playing with your kit,
even producing sound in a pot,
when the country's in peace actually.

having someone to rely on,
Elder ones tells you come on,
you feel like flying on,
you with confidence of protection.

Dreams of being high,
everything becomes possible,
even escaping to die,
fighting Ghost your capable.

Dreaming being in the middle of every things,
sometimes on merry-go-round,
or in the middle of the foods you like to eat,
even finding money on every step you're stepping.

Acting your Father if he isn't scary,
running to mama when you are scared,
hiding you body putting your hands on your eyes
every thing's possible with simple formula r.

Marieta Maglas 25 April 2010

wonderful reflective poem 10/10 Mari

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Elena Sandu 23 August 2011

Lovely written, childhood: how I miss those who used to make me happy! This poem has the power to play with time, thank you.

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Amartya Roy 08 May 2010

The poem is very well written...Yes, childhood memories are very good to recollect. Keep on writing Sir, your poems are awesome. vote -10/10

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Clara Odelia Ciutara 27 April 2010

After reading this, I recall my old sweet memory, this poem describes truly about the childhood happiness

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Sreekala Sukumaran 27 April 2010

When i read it, my child hood memories came into my mind.. Very well written and liked it surely it deserves 10/10...

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Nooruddeen Mm 25 April 2010

Hi Dickson It is of course a nice work. Rgds Noor

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