Christmas Poem by Julia Ann Moore


Rating: 2.7

Hail the coming holiday,
With a hearty joyous feast,
And drive away sorrow, friends,
For a day or two at least;
Lay all business cares aside,
And make the world resound,
With music and festivals
Throughout our merry town.

May every person in our land
A voice to heaven raise,
And welcome in Christ's birthday,
With everlasting praise;
Praise Him who died upon the cross,
Our sinning souls to save,
The great Redeemer, Christ our lord,
That dwells beyond the grave.

We should meet in reverence,
And God's commands obey,
And make each other happy
Throughout the holiday;
And not forget the orphans,
The aged or the blind,
The rich, the poor and needy,
To each one pray be kind.

May every parent in the land,
Hail Christmas day with joy,
And not forget a present for
Their little girls and boys;
They are looking forth anxiously,
For Santa Claus to come
And fill their little stockings,
With toys and sugar-plumbs.

God grant a merry Christmas eve
And happy Christmas day,
To every person in the land,
At home or far away.
That festive day will soon be here,
Alas, will soon be o'er;
Welcome, welcome the coming of
Christmas day once more.

Glen Kappy 21 December 2017

This poem reminds me of great poetic words in some Christian hymns, words we might overlook because of their familiarity. I think of the writers Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley who have a high percentage of quotable and singable lines. -GK

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Anil Kumar Panda 21 December 2017

A beautiful poem on Christmas and the long holiday season. Enjoyed throughout the world wish it brings happiness to all. Thanks for sharing in this time.

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Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 21 December 2017

Christmas is a merry day to all rich, poor, orphans, blind, the aged and the needy and over everything will brood the peace of Christmas in a short while...........Happy Christmas to you all my beloved poets..........thanks for sharing

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